Happy Women's Day 2021

Happy Women's Day 2021

Today, we celebrate you!

As a women-lead team, Angels Skates is committed to uplifting and supporting women from all walks of life. We maintain relationships with the diverse, inspirational young women who model our skates. On International Women's Day, we are spotlighting some of their stories! 


Meet Edwina!


"Funnily enough, I found roller skating after going through a bad break up."

I was in Paris, France at the time and I kept running into this group of roller dancers around town during my mopey, depressed walks post-break up. I was so jealous of their moves and I needed to fill the new hole I had in my life. Roller dancing became my life saving activity. It was a way to keep my spirits up and empowered me to learn a new skill and build community whether that be in Paris or in my current home - Portland, Oregon!

Meet China!


"I’m a full-time entrepreneur, mother and wife from Atlanta Georgia!"

Rollerskating has been a major part of my life since I was a child, it’s my “happy time hobby”. Growing up in Los Angeles,  we spent a lot of time at a roller rink called World On Wheels. Rollerskating has always been a stress reliever, so I still thoroughly enjoy it. I encourage and empower women everyday because of my mother, who consistently encourages and empowers me. Happy International Women's Day. 💜"

Meet Bri!


To me, skating means:

✨ Learning from my friends, especially Smash (@jdsmash.226), who supported me from day one

✨ Connecting with women and girls I see at the skatepark 💞

✨ Trying hard and staying humble (it's humbling alright 😂)

✨ Falling a lot (don't forget your helmets!) 

✨ Self care

✨ Having a freaking blast with my friends!


Know any special women in YOUR life who deserve a highlight? Send us a DM about them on Instagram for a chance to have their stores in the spotlight!