Handmade Roller-Skate Toe Guards
Handmade Roller-Skate Toe Guards

Handmade Roller-Skate Toe Guards

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☆ Handmade-Vegan friendly toe caps with hand fastened rivets and eyelets to offer more security. 

☆ Fits most sizes, gender-neutral, and stylish. 

☆ Pearlescent toe-cap made of pleather. 

☆ Holographic Electric Pink toe-cap made of vinyl. 

☆ 5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5"

We are excited to be working with RollerBunnii to offer our Angels custom toe-caps! Small business supporting small businesses this season, we teamed with two Colorado Women entrepreneurs to meet all of your roller-skate needs. You can find them on Etsy & Instagram!

 A message from RollerBunni:

Aspen and Taylor didn’t know they’d been swimming in the same social circles until one fateful RTD ride 14 years ago. Thus, a beautiful friendship and amazing journey began! Taylor and Aspen are both Denver natives who love crafting, drinking wine, and of course, skating. As 2020 came to a halt they found themselves looking for new ways to pass their time and stumbled upon roller skating. When they noticed a lack of roller-skating accessories, it flourished into so much more!  Aspen and Taylor began handcrafting toe caps made from a variety of materials, including sustainable leather, which blew up on Etsy. Through this traction, they garnered the attention and partnership of a LITERAL ANGEL, Angel Skates. The gratitude they feel for this opportunity nearly rivals their excitement to grow within the roller-skating community! When they aren’t skating, Aspen enjoys her days as a stylist in Downtown Denver and Taylor frames custom pieces in the heart of Cherry Creek.  Feel free to reach out with inquiries or custom orders!


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 We can't wait to soar with you! #AngelSquad 


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100% Vegan

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