3 Pack Angels Skates Socks

3 Pack Angels Skates Socks

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Roll in style with groovy retro-inspired Angels Skates high socks. Each order comes with 3 pairs of socks. One size fits all!

☆ Protects skin from chafing

☆ Moisture-wicking

☆ 3 retro colors 

☆ 100% Cotton

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 We can't wait to soar with you! #AngelSquad 


Start off on the right foot.

Our classic quad roller skate provides strong ankle support. With our easy lacing system and traditional high top rink boot, you'll be skating backward like the pros before you know it.

Why choose us?

100% Vegan

We use 100% vegan & environmental friendly synthetic leather. Ahead of its time, it's known for its durability, softness, and sustainability. 

A Plan for Success

You want results. We have found the best way to get them. We put in our research to curate the best version of our skates so you can chase your roller-skating goals!