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Floral Roller Skates

Floral Roller Skates

I never recieved my skates. I have camera" . They never arrived

Terrible service

I never received the skates and they won't send a replacement or refund

Purple Rain Halographic Roller Skates

I absolutely love these skates. I was so happy when you finally got a size in for me to actually be able to wear! I've been eyeing these specific skates for almost 2 years! I wanted them for my 55th birthday but you didn't have my size. I kept looking at the website till finally you had the right size and they were on sale!! I was an avid roller skater in high school and mom made me save my $$$ to buy a pair for myself. To this day, I wished I'd kept them, white skates with purple wheels, purple laces and purple pom poms. Angel Skates Purple Rain were close enough. Can't wait to go skating! Thank you!

Angel Dust Holographic Rose Gold Roller Skates

Thunder Black Roller Skates
kathleen gilsenan

Thunder Black Roller Skates

Floral Roller Skates
Kristin Gilbreath
Lone my Angels Skates

Rated high because of fashion print and comfort

cool beans!

I got these roller skates for Christmas! I felt like a little kid again at age 51. I live on a smooth flat dead end street, which is perfect for cruising on my roller skates. I love the color! The wheels are smooth on the pavement. Unfortunately is rains a lot in Massachusetts so it has been hard to get outside to roller skate. Such a great gift. I bought the pads and I put on my bike helmet for extra protection. Such a blast!


The color of these skates is amazing! I received multiple compliments on them and they’re comfy! Sizing was spot on as well. No complaints here!

Great skates!

Love them - now I can keep up with my rollerblading tween in style!!

Disco Ball Roller Skates
Socorro Kirkman Bey
8 year old Christmas wish

My little cousin loved the skates and told me I’m the best ever 🤩 now she can’t wait til the snow is gone lol but the skates were PERFECT 😍

Floral Roller Skates
diane dempwolf
Beautiful and fun to wear!

Beautiful skates, and they roll so smoothly. Fun to wear and show off! No one else will have anything like them. The box design is so cute there was no need to wrap them as a gift.

Black Angel Skate Order

I have Not received them yet!

Prefect Gift

They are exactly what I wanted. The quality is great and they’re stylish. My daughters are going to love them. These skates will definitely be their favorite Christmas gift this year.

Thunder Black Roller Skates

Thunder Bolt Black Roller Skates
Barry Mastrodomenico
Fit for a roller queen!

This was a request by my 42 year old daughter that lives across the country from me. Absolutely made her day! Quality, design, delivery and price are all A+

So cute but too small

I’m so sad that I’ll need to return these. I purchased a size 12, but it fit like an 11


I really love the skate. i have not use them yet. i wii use on 12\17. i believe i will
enjoy them very very much. Send me another update. i have been advertising
for you all LOL


I purchased these skates four days ago and they just arrived. The packaging is adorable and the skates amazing are so smooth and comfortable so me!i love them:)

Awesome skates

Haven't skates in years.im 50 now and trying to teach my 9 year old .always wore hockey skates but didn't want to break the bank.im glad I chose angels.bought her a walmart pair of skates so when she gets the hang of it I will be ordering from you guys hope I get a discount anyway thanks

Haven't received them Yet!

I have not received it..

I haven’t received the order so sadly I can’t give you a review yet.

How does it take to get my order

Icy Blue Roller Skates
Beverly wolfson

Have not received the skates